marcela levi

Improvável Produções

In 2010, when they founded Improvável Produções - in Rio de Janeiro - Marcela Levi and Lucía Russo committed themselves to a shared-authorship project, a form of artistic direction based on the open concept of different inventive positions intertwining in a process that gathers together lines that deviate from one another: dissent and internal differences seen as constructive critical force rather than contradictory, self-exclusive polarities.

Improvável Produções is responsible for creating and producing, among other projects, the performances "Monstrous Nature" (2011) and "Mordedores" (2015), both sponsored by the RJ City Department of Culture; the urban intervention "Sandwalk with me", developed between London and Rio with the support of the RJ State Department of Culture and the co-production of the Festival Panorama; and the project "Move over a little", co-produced with the Iberescena/Funarte fund.

Trained at the Angel Vianna Dance School in Rio, Levi has been a resident artist at the Les Recollets Art Center in France; at the Casa Encendida and the Espaço Cultural Azala, both in Spain; at the ON.OFF Urban Creativity Laboratory held in Guimarães, Portugal (the European Cultural Capital, 2012); guest artist in the Rio Occupation London program at the London Cultural Olympiad promoted by SEC RJ; and recipient of the Batiscafo scholarship (Cuba). Her projects have been presented in festivals and art centers in Brazil, Europe and Latin America. Levi has collaborated with Lia Rodrigues, Vera Mantero, Gustavo Ciríaco, Dani Lima, Cristina Moura and Guillermo Gomez-Peña, among others.

Lucía Russo studied Psychology at the University of Buenos Aires and contemporary dance at the EDDC in Holland and the Rojas Cultural Center in BsAs. Always on the move, she circulates between artistic creation and the processes of transmitting, exchanging and managing cultural projects. She coordinated the project Dialogues: Interchanging processes of creation in contemporary dance (2006-8) in Latin America, in partnership with the Red Sudamericana de Danza. Since 2010 she has developed the audience-focused project Future Spectators. Russo has collaborated with Diego Gil, Lucas Condró, Gustavo Ciríaco, Natalia Tencer and Ayara Hernández, among others.